Archie January auction present world-class hoard

by:Xianke     2020-07-19

the world's largest fine wine auction Acker Merrall & amp; Condit, announced that it will in the month day on Hong Kong island shangri-la hotel and the grand hyatt hotel held a wine auction in Hong Kong, brought the number of total valuation of more than one thousand Hong Kong dollar's brew, including from the two great collector of world-class special hoard. The two important collectors in the past decades carefully for European wine, all treasures are superior in quality and storage in good condition. Important items including bottle years Petrus wooden case, Appraisal absolutely hk $) , bottle. One year DRC suits ( Appraisal absolutely hk $) And so on. Moreover, Acker will launch the first at the meeting in field of Burgundy name Domaine zhuang Dujac and Domaine Roulot straight selection. Owner Jeremy Seysses and JeanMarc Roulot more will be on this field, together with collectors in Hong Kong.
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