Apricot wine tasting in shanxi, shanxi apricot blossom Fen tai liquor companies such as liquor production

by:Xianke     2020-07-10

China quality news network news recently, Shanxi Province pledges inspect bureau organization for the production enterprises of batches of liquor product quality supervision and spot checks, a batch of qualified, sampling percent of pass is. %。 Selective examination results show that the unqualified project mainly alcohol, sweet. Such as produced by shanxi apricot wine tasting co. , LTD. Ml/bottle % vol apricot brand travels both tasteful and alive the express value, its alcohol content is lower than by shanxi apricot blossom Fen tai industry co. , LTD production of ml/box % vol classic red wine, its alcohol content is higher than the express values. By shanxi apricot wine tasting co. , LTD production of ml / % vol apricot brand yuan blue and white wine, its detection in the liquor are sweet. Qualitative inspect branch, is the main physical and chemical indicators of liquor alcohol content, can comprehensively reflect enterprise's production level, if not standard will directly affect the quality of liquor alcohol content and scent. Is the main reason of the unqualified individual small liquor enterprises to reduce costs, reduce the originals the inputs, and elevation of alcohol in order to improve the sales price; Also have good individual companies didn't the factory gate, or caused by blending process control is lax. Sweet is a kind of sweeteners, substitute for sugar, if often excessive edible food, sweet content exceeds bid, affect human body health, may not add a liquor of national standard, but individual companies as the one-sided pursuit of taste, make add sweet element, cause unqualified. Quanzhou yuan empty recycle black industry chain stainless steel bottles so that sell wine club ( Figure)
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