Antique shopkeeper stolen tomb that rent a house

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

star reported, according to the market to seek illegal interests, peep qu ancient tombs and relics antique shopkeeper Lu Mou in jiangsu, zhang and others in an accidental opportunity that has a large number of ancient tombs in huangshan area, hence rental housing in the city, they collect money. Yesterday, six suspects in connection with ancient tomb robbers, was transferred to huangshan district people's procuratorate prosecuted. Between years and years, Lu Mou, zhang, wang mou under the guidance of the local people, each time all tied different personnel, drive the vehicle to carry a trebuchet within the territory of the district, excavating spots during the day night. Before and after excavating the sword act the role of a set of han dynasty, jade green glaze ceramic POTS, water ripple string lines POTS and other relics. The grave robbers classics appraisal station in anhui province identified as spring and autumn period to the western han dynasty tombs, have important historical art science value. At present, the stolen relics have been recovered and handed over to the cultural relics management department of graceful yongzheng drive makes craft chrysanthemum petals to art stainless steel bottle ( Figure)
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