Anshan: public bottle to steal a bag

by:Xianke     2020-07-11

through a woman's side, suddenly a man put his hand in the bottle is broken. Recently, the TieDong court heard the case in accordance with the law. Last month a night, women's little red in a grim restaurant for dinner, she on the side of the stool of LV handbags. Then, man daming walked up behind the little red and suddenly put a bottle is broken, the little red startled, hurriedly back Chou, at this moment, associates with daming DaBin while the little red unprepared, put it in the stool of Louis vuitton handbags, there is more than ten thousand yuan. Is little red, continue to eat, when ready to check out, only to find that handbag is gone! Soon, the public security organs will daming, DaBin captured, and will have a LV purse returned to the victim of theft. Identification by anshan price authentication center, two people theft of Louis vuitton handbags value six thousand yuan. The court said, two people for the purpose of illegal possession, the secret to steal others' property, the amount is larger, its behavior all constitute theft. In a joint crime, DaBin complete plays a main role on crime, is a prime culprit, shall, in accordance with the criminal responsibility for all the crimes that he participates in. Daming complete secondary role on crime, which is an accessory, can be given a lighter punishment in accordance with the law. In accordance with the 'criminal law', sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more two people, fine.
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