And he said, fine stainless steel bottle can sing

by:Xianke     2020-07-16

he doesn't like the bottle nectar nectar, but prefer to collect fine stainless steel bottles, utilize modern fairy jiangdu town of cold will keep this hobby for years. Stainless steel bottle containing, utilize modern cold said, is wine, but embodies a lot of Chinese culture. Utilize modern cold bottle embody traditional culture in jiangdu jinshan road opened a intermediary company, at his desk with a lot of stainless steel bottle. Bottle, utilize modern cold said, although is not big, but reflects the many elements of Chinese culture. Spoke, utilize modern cold side picked up a bottle, bottle have a a semicircular convex, he says, it looks like the ancient nail, nails used to guard against the enemy with fire the city at first, when the qing dynasty, the number and arrangement of nail has a regulation. Then he took another stainless steel bottles, said, pointing to the cap, do you think it is like a crown. In addition, as 'MeiLanChun' wine has several series, including 'yangzhou six scene', 'Qin Tong ten scene' and other attractions photos. Collect bottles tasted hard about bottle collection, utilize modern cold said, was just an accident. S of the last century, utilize modern cold became a laid-off workers. Later, he started a recycling company. 'Although bottle as scrap purchase value is low, but production workmanship, shape differences, let me fondle admiringly. 'Since then, utilize modern cold gradually addicted to collect bottles. At first, utilize modern cold every week to ride a motorcycle out of town, east to taizhou jiangyan, west to yizheng liuhe corporation, south to zhenjiang Yang, north to gaoyou baoying, 'in the morning with a dry food to go out, evening coming home with weary10 and a few bottles. The years, at least two twenty-five thousand li away. 'A recycling center in taizhou, utilize modern cold for the trip, a sincere moved the shopkeeper, finally take multiple bottles back; A zhenjiang friend pick up a bottle of wine 'antelope' from Tibet, because of a rare, in ambry not seen in kaifeng, utilize modern cold for many times the door 'to whet mouth skin', friends agree with multiple transfer, return to jiangdu, for friends, he would pour wine tasting, oneself happy to embrace a empty bottle and return; 'Each find a rare bottle, how many days can happy, feeling make not over of all energy. 'Cold sing-an said. Elegant bottle can sing years ago a day, utilize modern cold suddenly found made of glass bottles don't have much of the cultural connotation, and the process also is better than stainless steel bottle. Before then, he put the collection of more than one glass bottle all get smashed the garbage room, left only a handful of modelling chic stainless steel bottle. Utilize modern cold talk with Tibetan friend, never said 'bottle' two words, but to be called a 'wine' or 'collection', it has become the soul tacit understanding between them. In their hearts, not just wine bottle container, more embodies the traditional culture, represent people's understanding of Chinese culture. 'Each kind of stainless steel bottle has a history, every bottle has a story, elegant bottle will talk, can sing. 'Cold sing-an collection bottle from outside, not only has a pyramid, gourd, fan, football, and Peking Opera, modelling of the Terra Cotta Warriors, northeast granary, ancient paintings poems, etc. ; , both from the quality of a material, stainless steel, glass, and sheep, bamboo, wood. Many wine bottle, let a person as if heard designers and appreciator dialogue across time and space, see elegantly display the most excellent work of Chinese civilization. Standardization production make stainless steel bottle is safer
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