'A pact' 63 - year - old's sake of love wine collection

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

as the saying goes, designed the baby for the nurse's sake. Nowadays, willyshee care about is the bottle. Alone le le than the lele, he invited us to watch collection of baby. 'Actually bottle is new member, my house there are many old items? '60 love collect a whole door wall is all kinds of porcelain altar, the POTS' hogging ', is willyshee house is left to our first impression. 'This is my old salt cans, are all old items. 'Speaking of collection, willyshee gushes,' you look at this process, with a best in the coming year or as new. On the wall in his presentation, each piece of the collection has its own story, 'the double happiness jar is our generation him essentials, are now rare. 'Willyshee rub these places can clean every day,' they have a history and have life. '' when I was a child home good-looking GuanPing altar son, I like to receive. My collection of pure for appreciation, never sold one. The purpose of the 'willyshee spoke about his own collection. Although many collection value has been as high as ten thousand yuan now, but he was reluctant to sell, 'I was the only daughter married, I'm willing to give. 'Leisure, like around the 63 - year - old willyshee, meet favorite objects, has hit' money '. 'In the 90 s, I only 100 yuan a month's salary, I spent 300 yuan to buy a baby. 'Bottle became the latest 3 years ago, willyshee have a new discovery. After a meal, he found the empty bottle on the table the modelling is unique, so the red face with friends 'for' back to the bottle. From then on, he and a new collection. Willyshee can drink two cups, have a good understand of the culture of wine, 'China's wine culture has a long history, from the transformation of the bottle can. 'From the simple glass bottles, different shapes of porcelain insulator, in willyshee point of view, this is a' revolution '. In present's collection of more than 100 bottles, his favorite a small blue bottle, 'the perfect light, blue glaze coloring technology. 'My friends all say willyshee was a' pact ', don't drink but greed 'bottle'. 'Watch for myself, friends also know this hobby, I see good bottle will also help me with. 'Now, willyshee home under the bed, on the top of the tank, the corridor are crammed with different shapes of bottles. 'Now may be a waste, but the days long, these bottle will like porcelain altar, to glow the new vitality. 'Willyshee mirth. Blue and white porcelain industry remind you stainless steel bottles of liquor packaging
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