A crushed beer glass bottle closed stainless steel road, 5 hours

by:Xianke     2020-07-12

and huai expressway (fukang Long abundant south crossing) On the ramp, a big truck full of beer rollover accident, caused many tons of beer pouring, spread a layer of broken glass on the road, lead to the ramp was temporarily closed hours in recent years. Reporters learned that the big red truck from huainan to hefei, via the ramp, truck suddenly out of control, on a lot of beer. 'We arrived, one place is broken glass bottle, how m. 'Highway researchers said. Site traffic analysis, the vehicle in the driving, because the right side of the baffle fractures, imbalance caused by vehicle, part of goods falls off rollover accident. PM in the afternoon, the scene of the accident was cleared away, the road back to normal. Say goodbye to the cannonballs stainless steel bottles to identify varieties and production areas
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