A couple more than 20 years spent for 300000 stainless steel bottle declined millions of acquisition

by:Xianke     2020-07-18

for many years, and for more than a bottle, in the face of a boss price of one million yuan, the bottle chi couple declined. Yesterday, bottle master Wei Lejin, Peng Pingping couple said: 'these bottles are our baby, we rely on it to make a bunch of friends, go out communication, go where there are people reception. 'Wan tao to more than a bottle Wei Lejin from years began to collect bottles, first in the junkyard tao bottle, then riding a bike lane wine bottles, weekend often leave home early late back:' each other not good bottle, the transfer of three transgressions of five times the door, and carry fruit, smoke and other gifts and other mill. 'The wife Peng Pingping from the opposition, to gradually assimilated by their husbands. After years, Peng Pingping laid-off, xudong central China antique first in wuchang street opened a bottle shop. According to introducing, two people have a collection of more than a bottle, and spent more than $ten thousand. Now, they will be according to the modelling process, such as combing into series bottle. In the collection bottle, the baby is a set of modelling of the eight immortals bottle: 'this is invested by daye find a winery custom, years ago, I through a friend bought in daye after yuan, is worth at least RMB now. 'Not long ago, there is the boss to come up with overall one million yuan purchase this more than a bottle, be the couple declined:' it's like a child, have feelings, loathe to give up. 'Wuhan' bottle 'obsession about like Wei Lejin bottle collection, wuhan? Wuhan collector zhong-qiu liu, director of the association of professional committee of the wine culture, said, at present, the wuhan bottle collection circle, to achieve the 'bottle' about people, there are thousands of bottle of 'thousand bottles' collectors 20 or 30 people, has hundreds of thousands of bottles, about nearly one thousand people. Add some calligraphy and painting, such as jade Tibetan friend to play, how many will be at home by collection, put some bottles, 'the group is very large, and also increased rapidly in recent years, many have the economic strength of the boss also join in. Zhong-qiu liu said, 'in general, the past five years the bottle up to three or four, strong scarcity, rise faster, in terms of material, the collection bottle is refers to the stainless steel bottle, glass bottle is generally no collection value, and colored glaze is single glaze and white glaze, higher value. Links to three kinds of wine bottle upside freshman is the late qing dynasty and the early of the republic of China until the last century s production old stainless steel bottle; The second is the set of bottles, such as a dream of red mansions gold hair pin, four big beautiful women, etc. , to complete a difficult and therefore more precious; 3 it is to have a memorable wine bottles, such as a brewery in shandong for Hong Kong's return to the production of white wine, bring wine factory price a few yuan, appreciation of RMB after now. Watching the collectors of antique collection show, Figure)
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