A bottle ShangShui chi collection bottle more than 2000 kinds of 13 years

by:Xianke     2020-07-14

a chance shangshui county residents Wu Xinchun infatuation with the collection bottle, over the years, she accumulative total investment more than ten thousand yuan, from Shanghai, shijiazhuang and other places to buy all kinds of bottle is a total of more than, such as dragon, phoenix, tortoise, strange shape of bottle. Yesterday, the reporter to appreciate the Wu Xinchun collection, to understand the story behind her collection. Collection has long been a complex Wu Xinchun years old this year, successively in shangshui tanneries, county cotton factory work and county xinhua bookstore. 'Since I was young, I especially like to collect strange things, ancient COINS, old money, such as stainless steel items, I always try to collect it. 'Said Wu Xinchun, years, her family in ShangShui county opened a hotel, because business is good, can' produce 'hundreds of bottles a day. See these bottles or do manual work is delicate, or its unusual Wu Xinchun initiation the idea of the collection bottle. Across the country to buy bottle at ordinary times, whenever I see a bottle, there is a new type Wu Xinchun total want to look for ways to collect. Once her to the door, found the neighbors from shaanxi brought back a bottle 'amusement' exceptionally beautiful, with a case of 'blue of the sky' to replace the bottle over. In addition to by items replacement, Wu Xinchun around to buy a bottle. Most of the time, Wu Xinchun taken for recyclers, but she is still actively. Years after retirement from shangshui county xinhua bookstore, buy Wu Xinchun used his energy and financial resources mainly in the bottle. To that end, she dedicated to zhengzhou, Shanghai, xian, shijiazhuang and other places of the antique market, buying all sorts of strange shape bottle. Years, spend money more Wu Xinchun is ten thousand yuan RMB, collect all kinds of bottle with a variety of. Elegant bottle hidden room yesterday, the reporter comes to Wu Xinchun collection, met her collection of all kinds of bottle, 'the shepherd boy riding a cow' 'grassland hero' ancient 'one thousand' and other strange shape of wine bottle, many bottles is reporter saw for the first time, really eye-opening. '' the yangzhou eight eccentrics' bottle, is I bought back for more dollars from xinyang; 'Vulture wine' is 'ma' homophonic, the patterns of the bottle is composed of 'horse' and 'eagle', like nature itself, is spread to the mainland from Taiwan during the period of the Shanghai world expo; 'plank brick burn bottle appearance is like a brick, do manual work is very original, looked at the bottle can make human body associated with Mongolian generous and tough; 'Wu Xinchun said, in my spare time, she likes to sit alone collection indoor, recall the collection bottle, bit by bit body odor collection. Due to the hard-won, Wu Xinchun cherish all the more to collect bottles. One time, one of my friends traveled to her home to appreciate wine bottle, but accidentally broke a, friends left, she sadly cry a good. A private winery boss after visiting her collection of wine bottles, would like to offer ten thousand yuan to buy, but was rebuffed. 'I collect bottles is not to make money, but in order to enjoy the enjoyment of collection. 'Said Wu Xinchun, recently she going to buy' tang 'to the hebei tangshan bottles,' as long as the body conditions allow, I'll collect bottles persist '. 'Hide wine's got talent' collect thousands of kinds of bottles
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