A bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

the clerk director of huang asked softly: 'what wine? 'Director stared yellow one eye:' this still use to ask? As usual, MAO tai bai. 'Yellow a little injustice, this is, after he had to go to the office for the first time for leaders operate banquets, where he know what old rule. Although heart displeasure, on the face little small Huang Ke didn't dare to show it and raise the coat-tails so enthusiastically. A gang satiated. Director may also be realized to huang attitude is not good, just as a consolation, pointing to one of the maotai wine bottle, said to the little yellow, a little wine left in the bottle, you home. Huang nervously to the bottle with one or two of the remaining maotai home. The bottle of maotai, one or two left so went to the clerk huang in the home, was the most prominent place to the restaurant, bright and dazzling. Haven't willing to give up drinking the wine, yellow, every time see, in the heart is very satisfied, proud. Once, home to a classmate, huang will classmate home for dinner. The wife fired several kind of snacks should we have, also bought a bottle of tempting. Two people are drinking and chatting. Suddenly, the eyes of the classmate, fall in the cupboard in the bottle of maotai. Yellow eyes caught a glimpse of the classmates, sheepishly explained that only have a little left, director or the last time with me to the restaurant to eat, brought back. Schoolmate sighed said, your boy doing well now, all drink maotai, let me also to sample a bai. Huang had to take out maotai, just a small glass of one person. Two men sipped slowly, the students can not help but sigh: 'it was good wine, good wine! 'The bottle is empty. Huang, not willing to throw away, still in the cupboard prominent place. One day, a little yellow to an idea, will be one or two more tempting to pour into the empty maotai wine, maotai wine bottle is no longer empty. I have guests, huang will take out maotai wine bottle, swinging, said to the guest, let's try this, but only so much. The guest's eyes, full of gratitude and admiration, to the yellow admiration: don't see you now just a clerk, there must be a great promise in the future, every day drinking maotai. Yellow is very satisfied. Guest a walk, and he will turn out for the empty MAO tai bottle pour point is tempting, not much, only to be 122, for the next guest. Several years later. Clerk huang finally back out of the head, as the head of a unit. Guests wong, director of the house is more and more, mostly to find his office. Huang, director of the home wine ark, filled with a bottle of bottle of maotai, others send and other high-grade wine. He don't have to fill in the empty maotai wine bottle is tempting. It didn't take long for the bottle only, and several other drink dry only by huang, director of maotai wine bottles, sold to a recycling the old high-end gifts, a wine bottle, just sell the meta. The bottles and left the yellow, director of the home, and many high-grade wine bottle, beginning the cycle of life. It over and over again is filled with all kinds of liquor, label, back to the hotel or a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the dinner table. An empty bottle and then be high-priced recycling, begin the next cycle. The only constant is that every time is to get the table, the bottle was placed in prominent place, time and time again highlights the strength of the master and sincerity and lofty sentiments. It is said that on one occasion, the bottle back to the miracle wong, director of, — No, huang, director of the home. But it is the latest appearance, in a unit of the dining room. Director huang as a guest, was invited to attend. The head of the unit with full apology for yellow chiefs said, now thunder, can only let the leaders in our dining room on the. Are the dishes, delicacies, everything. The bottle of wine, also be the end. Director huang frowned and said to the waiter, how can such a rare wine? That unit heads nodding to the waiter a reprimand, really don't understand, do not take the bottle a tempting to quickly, pour the wine into, again. Attendant to a tempting empty wine bottles, will slowly pour wine in the bottle, then, would be tempting bottles end up. Huang, director of the face that break down, a toast, dry! The meal. When he left, huang director asked the waiter, just that only the bottle? Chief thought director huang want this bottle, hurriedly let attendant will be taking over the bottle and handed it to yellow. Director huang took the bottle, make an effort to throw on the ground, 'bang - — 'The only bottle, torn into pieces. Director huang turned to chief said that now many criminals recycle high-grade wine bottle, and then the filling of inferior liquor to pretend to be high-grade wine. Remember, director huang clap head shoulders, to longly say, drink up, be sure to smash a bottle on the spot. Say that finish, director huang exceed big step from the pile of broken glass, firm and bold to cross over. Old man obsessed with the bottle collection calligraphy poetry melt in a furnace
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