3, Belgium. Euro 500 million diamonds stolen

by:Xianke     2020-07-17

gang posing as police officers, carrying machine guns into in Antwerp, Belgium international airport, steal the bag of diamonds. Though about the stolen diamonds gross estimate. Billion euros ( About one hundred million yuan) And thousands of euros two different, but the case has been identified as the international diamond industry in recent years involving one of the biggest cases of theft. Authorities in Belgium, officials said on Tuesday night local time, eight men take two cars drove up to Antwerp airport tarmac one belongs to the brinks vehicle implementation of the security company steal, security staff was ready to have a batch of diamond shipped on a flight airlines flying to Zurich, Switzerland. Less than five minutes to get the airport spokesman said the thief tried to break through the airport apron safety fence surrounding the, direct access to the apron. According to Brussels prosecutor's office spokesman Ian van wei moss, said that eight man, while the masked, but wearing a police uniform. The crime process lasts less than five minutes, during which no fire. Gangsters after driving quickly fled the scene, one of the cars outside was found in Brussels, cars have been burned down. The police are wanted for them. 'Obviously they are prepared. 'Van wei moss said. 'There have been boarding passengers seated on the plane at the time, but no one witnessed the crime. 'The world's largest diamond center for centuries, in Antwerp, Belgium has been the world's leading diamond processing center. Globally, eighty percent of rough diamonds and fifty percent polished diamonds processed by the center. 。 Million or do? Report from our correspondent Belgian authorities so far have no confirm the total value of stolen diamond and its subordinate. VRT Belgian state television reported stolen more than diamonds, there may be gold, gross is about. Hundred million euros, while the Antwerp diamond center, said a spokeswoman for total value in thousands of euros stolen diamonds. 'Anyway, this is the largest we see a diamond theft. 'The spokeswoman said. Rihanna bar on a night out drinking men throw bottles collision injured legs
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