2014 wine expo features stainless steel bottle is popular for look not only to sell by heritage

by:Xianke     2020-07-09

in wine expo exhibition site, the reporter sees a distinctive modelling various bottle is popular with visitors, showing a strong interest, camera cameras, mobile phones. In front of a row of fruity full of lovely, Q namesake fizzy 'guinness' beer after the hatchback is wiper, sedan, reason has to do with air dynamics. Sedan cars, air flow along the roof directly to car body outside, the gas flow is concentrated attack on the car bottom, back window is protected by air pollution in the blind area. Double-box car into, because of the relation of gas flow, air flow will be mingled with the great counter-offensives mud, no bottom cover hatchback window became the first victim. @ love belongs to the river in q: laver boarding and sushi have what differentiation? @ lenmo: is there a difference? I always thought this is the same thing. @ : when do you personally for the wife, the wife would say: 'the laver boarding do is really ugly. 'When you invited her to upscale sushi restaurant to eat, she would say:' this sushi's so cute. '@ wang wang: boarding from South Korea called nori, called sushi from Japan. Zhang: @ the difference on the rice and oil. Used in sushi rice with sushi vinegar flavor, laver boarding is much use of sesame oil. Distinguish from the taste, if a little acid, it is sushi. Smell the smell of sesame oil, is boarding laver. If two qualities, generally can only be boarding nori ( Put the vinegar) in 。 @ the toad love ugly duckling q: why is the weather forecast is sometimes inaccurate? @ popoling: if god let you touch so easily lost temper, he how to mix? @ the butterfly. Rachel: the source of the prediction error is mainly the initial error and model error. Initial error derived from satellite cloud pictures, satellite observations of various wave and radiation, we see the cloud is the calculus, is a skilled job, 'he cannot guarantee that is the true value. Turn up to initial field and mode, is not only a cloud that simple, is not a kind satellite observation data is enough. Attracted many visitors. According to introducing, the beer with black malt as the raw material, produced by a special process, burnt flavour stout drink up is bitter coffee taste. 'It is because the unique and not seen on the while luzhou field, many visitors are watching, in consultation and hope to be able to taste it, but because now only show, temporarily not informed manufacturer can provide visitors to taste. The scene of the 'Qingdao beer pin si 5' collection bottle multiple stainless steel bottle delusion 'year
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