18 for the third plenary session of the influence of the stainless steel bottle

by:Xianke     2020-07-13

according to the decision of the political bureau of the central committee, the third plenary session of the eighteenth day was held in Beijing in the month. For six days after the meeting, as a member of the stainless steel bottle industry have been waiting for, expected to launch the reform package, and clearly advance schedule, the top design, through to the reform of open ushered in the fourth round of reform in China. We also hope to acquire the President and prime minister li to come to stimulate consumption, increase the enterprise financing of good news, hope the bubble is blown up, can give us a blow is the harsh reality. You in held the third plenary session of the eighteenth moment right now, in the month, the politburo reviewed and issued by the party and government organs regular economy against waste regulations, clear to rigid institutional constraints, the strict system of execution, strong supervision and inspection, strict punishment mechanism, to curb public spending and consumption in various disciplinary violations illegal phenomenon. The purification party, from which we can read the chairman xi determination to introduce corruption. The wind of the forbidden gifts, luxury wind, the wind of public consumption, let us shudder, some afraid afraid in my heart. From years of the 'three consumption' there was an obvious side effects, restrictions on consumption stimulate residents daily shopping consumption intention has been falling. Stainless steel bottle industry busy season is not flourishing, liquor-making industry continues to be abandoned. Market is so cruel, you don't change will be eliminated, so the high-end liquor industry out of the package product structure plan to stimulate the consumer liquor sales, overflow xin stainless steel bottle factory has begun to turn diversified, daily-used porcelain, Japan and South Korea stainless steel tableware and so on. At the critical moment, who dare against crime, even the rug officials held weddings and funerals, low-key low-key low-key. Affected not only are we as liquor packaging industry, and the moon cake, high-grade food industry, such as local products are more or less affected. Will soon on the private companies in the reform of state-owned enterprises, financial investment, economic vitality, fairness and justice, etc. , like personal care salary welfare and two foetuses policy, as a private enterprise, we hope more representative put forward to expand domestic demand, stimulate consumption of the people's livelihood, increase enterprise financing channels, for our private enterprises, social labor employment to exert more power. Liquor-making industry is not optimistic, is expected to continue to adjust to the years, we see the building of the party, do not hold fluky psychology and optimistic attitude. Once you adjust the pace of bad market, will like nokia and blackberry, innovation can't keep up with technology, only fell from the historic shrines. Stainless steel bottle as the downstream enterprises of liquor packaging, can be active, better vast space rent-seeking. We look good or not depends on the enterprise managers decision-making and attitude, not the sunset industries, no sunrise industry forever. Reporters visited fushun antique city bottle collection store
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